Additional Filings

All parties are required to file documents with the court during an appeal. These documents are frequently called court filings.

Here are some basic things to know about court filings for an appeal:

  • It’s very important to file all documents on time. If you miss a deadline, it may negatively impact you in the appeal.
  • There are different types of court filings and each one has a special purpose.
  • Some documents must be filed by all parties, some by only one party, and others are filed only if needed.
  • You must serve – or give – a copy of most court filings to all the other parties in the appeal before you can file them with the court.
  • Some documents are filed in the trial court and some are filed in the Court of Appeal. Check with the court clerk to find out if you can file documents on paper or electronically.

Here are the most common court filings in an appeal:

Forms. The California Courts have prepared special legal forms that are required for each step of an appeal. These forms are pre-printed documents with places for you to include all of the information the court needs to complete that step. Learn more about forms

Motions. A motion is the legal way you ask the court for permission to do something. There is no court form for a motion so you must create a document. When you write a motion, you must include enough information for the court to make a decision. Learn more about motions

Additional filings. Some of the other documents you might file with the court are called applications, oppositions, and stipulations. These filings have many different names but they are ways you can ask the court for permission to do something, or give the court additional information beyond what is required. There are court forms for some filings but for other filings you must create a document. Learn more about other court filings

There are many resources available at the court and online to help you with court filings. If you need help or have questions, you can always contact the court clerk. Some courts also have a self-help center.


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